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E Legendz Ad System by The Black Bruce Wayne

Question 1: What is the E Legendz Ad system?

Answer 1: The E Legendz Ad System is designed specifically for small business owners that wanna make their community aware of their business. 

Question 2: How does it benefit the small business owners?

Answer 2: On other websites like FB & IG you can find affordable ad space but not as affordable as the E Legendz ad system. For example in South Charlotte it is 6 zipcodes 28209, 28210, 28211, 28226, 28270 and 28277. E Legendz charges $10 per zip code per week that means $60 per week. 

Question 3: Well couldn't an advertiser get the same kind of deal with the bigger names like FB & IG?

Answer 3: Yeah they probably could but their competitors could get that same exact deal. See with E Legendz ad system no one else can advertise in those zip codes but that 1 company. That's what makes the ad system so unique is it is taking the competition out of the competition. 

Question 4: Wow that is amazing. How did you come up with this?

Answer 4: Well I went to Johnson & Wales in Charlotte NC as a Business Marketing Major back in 2010. The system wasn't the exact same back then but it was very similar. At that point in time I was looking to maximize the profits while also delivering a system that would maximize the benefit to the customer. You could say that the ads system then looked much like the current ad system that both FB & IG have. My system was called Keywords Campaigns. What would trigger a ad would be something that a user types in for a status something like "I am hungry" then a local ad would appear of a restaurant. And the system also used a zip code system to identify where users were so they can get local ads. This was going to generate around $2 billion annually. 

Question 5: Uhhh if it was going to generate billions of dollars annually, why not just stick with that system? 

Answer 5: Because when I realized it was more to life than just money I wanted to focus my talents on how I could help Small Businesses really become successful. If a small business owner wants to get their name known and they own a restaurant but is around a bigger name restaurant that makes it hard for them to compete and be prosperous. And if I can help someone else be prosperous then damn it I am going to try. 

Question 6: Very noble answer. But I did do the calculation and you are still looking to make millions of dollars monthly off the system. 

Answer 6: Ahhh yes that is true. At it's full capacity $416,380 a week. But half of that is going to the Artists that have their music on the website and become Legendz. So all in all I would make around $400,000 a month at most. And also it is still upkeep, taxes, and improvements to the website that has to come out of that money, not to mention marketing and promotions. So yeah I will be making above average but it's not about the profits it's about building up our communities.

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dstylez3 - June 4, 2022, 10:03 pm


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