Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy: E Legendz does not collect any personal data besides email & a user’s zip code to determine geo location. Any information collected will not be shared with any 3rd party companies for profit. However information gathered by any law enforcement agency for any criminal wrong doing will be shared with only law enforcement.

Terms of Use: E Legendz is a entertainment based platform any use of materials such as music or videos that would be in direct abuse of copyright laws is strictly prohibited. Musicians that want to sell their music using this platform will be prompted by if hey have the copyrights to that music or if they do not own the copyrights to the music. Once a user has selected that they own the copyrights to the music the user will be responsible for all legal issues if they do not own the copyrights or have not been given permission to sell the music. E Legendz will not be liable for users choosing to break any copyright laws. But E Legendz does charge a processing fee for all music sold on the platform. Any content creator on the E Legendz platform will not be forced to create any content. Any content created that could possibly cause any harm or insight harmful activity to other users the content will be removed and account maybe suspended after a warning, the length of this suspension will depend on the executive board on the severity of the situation.