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[BUSINESS NEWS] Debra Sue of Glass City Talent prepares for an impactful 2024!

"Trailblazing Beyond Boundaries"

Get ready for a year filled with authenticity, impact, and trailblazing moves as Debra Sue, the force behind Glass City Talent and Management, gears up for a game-changing 2024.  Known not just as a powerful prominent businesswoman but as a down-to-earth visionary, Debra Sue is set to redefine the entertainment landscape with a host of new events and fresh sounds from her star artist, Mac Nova.

A Trailblazer's Vision: Debra Sue, a seasoned veteran in the music and entertainment industry, stands as a beacon of authenticity and impact. Her approach to business blends a shrewd understanding of the industry with a down-to-earth perspective, making her a beloved figure among artists and colleagues alike.

Mac Nova's Sonic Journey: At the heart of Glass City Talent's 2024 agenda is the musical journey of their star artist, Mac Nova. Known for his distinct sound and impactful lyrics, Mac Nova is gearing up to release new music that promises to resonate with listeners on a deeper level. Debra Sue's guidance ensures that Nova's artistry aligns with the authenticity that defines Glass City Talent.

New Events, Fresh Vibes:  2024 is not just about music for Debra Sue. Glass City Talent is set to roll out a series of events that embody the essence of genuine connection and shared experiences. These events, carefully curated under Debra Sue's watchful eye, aim to foster a sense of community and celebration within the entertainment space.

The Heart and Soul: What sets Debra Sue apart is her commitment to the heart and soul of the industry. Her humanitarian efforts, paired with her dedication to nurturing genuine talent, make Glass City Talent a home for artists who crave more than just commercial success. It's a testament to Debra Sue's vision — one that extends beyond business and dives deep into the human connection that music and entertainment can foster.

Get ready for a year where Glass City Talent and Management redefines what it means to be a powerhouse in the urban entertainment scene. #DebraSue #GlassCityTalent #2024Impact


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TheMediaBlast - December 22, 2023, 3:17 am

[ENTERTAINMENT NEWS] J-0's Grand Resurgence: A Courageous Comeback in 2024!

Stepping back from the limelight for a minute, the multifaceted Jordan "J-0" Hunter has been quietly plotting a major comeback that's set to shake up 2024. Known for his prowess in acting, rap, and entertainment, not to mention the captivating conversations on his podcast, J-0 is gearing up for a triumphant return. Brace yourselves for new music that hits different, upcoming projects that redefine the game, and podcast episodes that promise to be nothing short of mind-blowing. This ain't just a return; it's a resurrection. Keep those antennas tuned in; J-0 is about to unleash a wave of class and prestige on the scene, and you won't want to miss it. Stay locked, stay ready – the comeback season is upon us.


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TheMediaBlast - December 15, 2023, 2:25 am


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