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[NEW MUSIC] PJ Dakota The Devil is a liar!

We all know these popular phrases “when it rains it pours”, “it seems like it's always something, if it's not one thing it's another.”  When one bad thing happens unfortunately other terrible mishaps are bound to follow.  During tough times like those, when you feel that nothing can go right, you have your back against the wall and it seems as if the world is against you, Flint, MI based recording artist PJ Dakota has the words of encouragement that you need to help you make it through the rough patch.  “The Devil Is a Liar” is the latest single from the popular singer / songwriter PJ Dakota and the song is certainly meant to inspire, encourage and give you the strength to move forward no matter how hard times get.  “The Devil is a Liar” and indeed he is, no matter what's thrown at you, The Devil is lying, and the truth is that you will persevere.  

Listen to the triumphant, powerful ballad by PJ Dakota on all music streaming platforms.  

PJ Dakota “The Devil is a Liar”

Spotify – The Devil Is A Liar - song by PJ Dakota

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[NEW MUSIC] Mobb Boss "Run It Up" | Mobb Muzik

Prominent businessman and Pensacola, Florida rap powerhouse Mobb Boss is back with a brand-new single for 2022, “Run It Up” (available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud).  “Run It Up” is a perfect display of Mobb Boss' skills as he showcases his verbal abilities accompanied by strong lyrics over a heavy hitting southern track.  Don't just take our word for it, stream the single at the direct links below 


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Mobb Boss (mobb_boss1) • Instagram photos and videos


Mobb Boss “Run It Up” (Spotify)

Spotify – Run It Up - Single by Mobb Boss


Mobb Boss “Run It Up” (SoundCloud)


Run It Up Pensacola Florida Mobb Boss Mobb Muzik Rap
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[MEDIA] Veteran Radio Personality E LUV continues to show love to rising INDIE ARTISTS | The Luv Lounge

          Eric Forte (better known by his on-air alias E Luv) has been a staple in the terrestrial radio world in the Philadelphia, PA market for many years, and the listener base for his popular Monday night program The Luv Lounge continues to grow even larger after switching to Internet broadcasting and moving his talents to the south, Charlotte, NC to be exact.  Although E Luv no longer dominates terrestrial radio, his voice is even more powerful in the virtual / online universe.  No matter how popular E Luv's brand gets, one thing is for sure is that he has never forgotten where he's came from!  E always reaches back and consistently shows support to his viewers, followers, small business owners and of course independent recording artists.  While some legendary and veteran radio personalities / DJs have been known to turn their backs on the people that helped catapult their careers and have no problem snubbing their noses at up and coming artists, E Luv always pays respect to the underground, unsigned and unrecognized artists.  This is one of the many reasons E remains beloved among listeners today.

E Luv periodically hosts “Artist Spotlight” segments where he showcases the music of rising undiscovered talent, not just in Charlotte, NC but across the nation.  E Luv also interviews rising artists from time to time at 7:30 PM during The Luv Lounge broadcast on Monday nights.  Some of the noteworthy artists E Luv has had on his program has been DomTMO AKA Young Dom (a New York based artist that has frequently shared the stage with former G-Unit artist Lloyd Banks), Nikia (the niece of the legendary Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band), K Davis the Hitman (the nephew of rap legend Doug E. Fresh) and many more.  K Davis the Hitman's new single “DouGFresh” (which is produced by Doug E. Fresh himself) continues to get constant support on E Luv's independently owned radio station Xhale Radio!

Being that E Legendz is primarily a music based platform and resource for rising recording artists, E Legendz would like to salute the great E Luv for all his support to the artists and keeping great music (no matter how big or small the artist is) alive.  





Esteemed Radio Personality, Producer, Karaoke DJ / Host and Entrepreneur Eric Forte (better known as "E Luv", a nickname given to him by The Queen of Mid-Days Ms. Patty Jackson one of his mentors in radio) has had a very successful, upwardly mobile career in terrestrial radio before making the transition to Internet and streaming platforms.  


E, started his radio journey while attending college at Temple University.  Philly's very own WDAS FM 105.3 was the place where a young Eric honed his skill, practiced his craft, and developed his voice and work ethic.  While learning the ropes of the broadcast world, Mr. Forte had several illustrious and well respected mentors such as the late great Joe "Butterball" Tamburro, the afternoon drive talents of Mr. Gary Shepherd and of course The Queen of Mid-Days herself Ms. Patty Jackson.  In addition to his mentors, E was also influenced by notorious radio host turned television mainstay Wendy Williams as well as the late BJ in The Morning.  


After becoming one of the most recognized voices in Philadelphia, E Luv and his family moved to Charlotte, NC where he continued his radio career, but settling in the mobile and Internet platforms.  E Luv launched the highly praised radio program The Luv Lounge on his new network XHale Radio on Live 365 which airs Monday Nights (7:00 PM on the East Coast).  The show has "grown folk conversations", current events, music and more!  Stream Xhale Radio at the link below or search it on www.Live365.com 

Xhale Radio - Free Internet Radio - Live365

E Luv Xhale Radio Radio Radio Personality Charlotte North Carolina Philadelphia Music Indie Artists Doug E. Fresh DomTMO Young Dom K Davis the Hitman Lloyd Banks Nikia Charlie Wilson The Gap Band
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[BUSINESS] 303 Creatives can take your BRAND to the NEXT LEVEL

Today's E Legendz business spotlight is dedicated to 303 Creatives.  303 Creatives is a graphic design company that does more than create graphics but brings entire visions to life.  303 Creatives understands the importance of creating a strong visual presence for your brand, not just for the esthetic alone, but to tell the story, and to make a powerful statement.  When it comes to a brand's logo, flyer, image or cover art, the image should say something, it should explain so much with the presentation.  The colors, the positioning of images, how it looks, right down to the very detail is all important to solidifying your brand.   

Take your Brand to the NEXT LEVEL with 303 Creatives 

Follow the Company on All Social Media 


Get to know The MAN behind the BRAND:  Cedric Sanders

"Freelance does not mean work for free" - a quote from prominent businessman and esteemed graphic designer Cedric Sanders.


          Seasoned, immensely gifted and experienced graphic designer Cedric Sanders (founder of 303 Creatives), discovered his passion for art and drawing at a very young age.  Born the middle child of 3, Cedric entered this world on March 5th, 1986 in Wake Forest, North Carolina (a town just outside of the state's capitol Raleigh, NC).  Cedric began drawing at the tender age of 5.  He was taught by his older brother, and continued to improve his talents throughout his childhood and teen years.  During his youth, Cedric was already on the path to eventually turning his passion into a successful career by starting out creating artwork for the kids in his class, producing art for the local Boys and Girls Club, winning various street art competitions and creating the official High School Mascot for Wakefield High in Raleigh, NC.

          After accomplishing so much at such a young age, Cedric had even more ambitions to take his talents a step further.  In the Fall of 2004, Sanders moved to the big city of Charlotte, NC to attend the prestigious Art Institute of Charlotte.  During his college tenure, Cedric, along with his college roommate launched "303 Creatives", a graphic design and branding company created at first just to make money on the side for bills, food and other necessities.  In 2006, Cedric Sanders graduated from The Art Institute at the top of his class with honors and an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.  Soon after college, the market dropped and there was no high demand for graphic designers at the time, however Cedric found a job in printing for Herff Jones, and worked a year at Lifetouch afterwards.   

          From there Cedric managed to take his once college side hustle 303 Creatives and turn into a full-scale graphic design company that he now owns and operates himself.  303 Creatives provides everything from logo design, club flyers, apparel design, album covers, business cards and more!  With over 15 years of experience, 303 Creatives provides the best service for all your design needs.  Cedric Sanders is living proof that you can follow your passion and turn that passion into commerce.  


303 Creatives Graphics Graphic Design Business Company Brand Branding Business Cedric Sanders
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[NEW MUSIC VIDEO] Twicy "Kinda Lady" (Body Like Nicki Minaj) featuring Kurl Songx

Central Music Award Winning Ghanaian pop singer / songwriter and Dailey's Entertainment flagship recording artist Twicy returns with an all new single and video to keep the ladies dancing all throughout the Summer, “Kinda Lady” (Body Like Nicki Minaj) featuring fellow African powerhouse vocalist Kurl Songx.  Watch the music video at the direct YouTube link below 


SUBSCRIBE to the official Dailey's Entertainment YouTube Channel for more music and videos from Twicy 


For business inquiries email Moses Dailey at MosesDaileyGmail.com 

Twicy Kurl Songx Dailey's Entertainment Moses Dailey Body Like Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Dance Ghana African Music
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[FASHION] LOVE N LUST Lingerie and Boutique empowers individuals of all Body Types | www.LoveNLustLingerie.com

The fashion and clothing industry is vastly changing to suit the needs of everyone.  In the past, individuals with particular body types found it difficult to find stylish clothes, and recognizable brands at reasonable prices, but now with the emergence of websites such as our Business Feature Love N Lust Lingerie and Boutique, many people can wear the same chic attire as anyone.  Love N Lust Lingerie and Boutique promotes body positivity, and empowers many people from all walks of life, shapes, and sizes.  No matter how tall , big or small Love N Lust has it all.  From Nightwear to casual day apparel, and a little of everything in between.  

The business, established by prominent businesswoman Tiffany L. Brown originally started as a Lingerie line, but over the past few years expanded to encompass clothes for many occasions as well as for men.  Take a look at what's in stock by visiting the official website http://www.LoveNLustLingerie.com 

Mention that you found the link from the official E Legendz website.  



Love N Lust Lingerie Tiffany L. Brown Tiffany Brown Clothes Lingerie Attire Styles E Legendz
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[BUSINESS] Kisha's Kakes: A Cornerstone in the Baking and Dessert Industry in North Carolina

E Legendz is proud to introduce the wonderful Kisha's Kakes to our audience.  If you are in Charlotte, NC or any of the surrounding areas and you are looking for treats, cakes, candies, and other assorted goodies for your next party, social function, or simply for yourself, make sure you place your order with Kisha's Kakes for excellent customer service and delicious desserts that will delight anyone's tastebuds.  The treats provided by Kisha's Kakes will add pure pleasure to your palate.  

"Kisha's Kakes" has been the cornerstone of the baking and dessert industry in Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities for the past few years, serving the community with delicious, memorable cakes, cookies, donuts and assorted pastries and other sweet tasting goodies.  The owner, simply known as "Kisha" learned how to bake watching and studying her mother and began making cakes herself in 2009.  Although Kisha's specialty and one of her bestselling items are Pound Cakes, Kisha's favorite dessert to create are "Mini Cakes".  Kisha's Kakes flavor selection is endless!!   

Social Media Links:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/KakesCreator/


IG: https://instagram.com/kishaskakes?igshid=1515icr9fm4ik

Contact info:

Mobile- 980-327-3225

Email- Kishaskakesgmail.com

Kisha's Kakes Dessert Charlotte North Carolina Business Candy Cakes Pies Cookies Donuts Doughnuts Poundcakes
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Rapper SLOW CHEMICAL gives listeners something NEW to Think About with NEW SINGLE

Rapper SLOW CHEMICAL (also known as the indie comic book writer / publisher Ryan White) has always been known to give his audience something substantial to digest with all of his projects.  Rather it be in the lyrics of his music, or the deep, intricate storylines within his comic book universe, Slow Chemical always gives the readers and listeners something meaningful to ponder.  With his new single “Think About It”, Mr. Slow Chemical keeps that same energy and delivers even more intelligible music with meaning to the masses.  Not only does he draw the listener in with the rhymes, but the smooth hypnotic melody along with the enchanting vocals from the guest singer throughout the song will keep any music fan hooked regardless of their taste.  “Think About It” has oceans of replay value and is a certified E Legendz approved BANGER!


Stream “Think About It” by Slow Chemical at the direct link below 

Think About It - YouTube

“Think About It” is on Slow Chemical's latest album KILL THE MESSENGER available on Spotify and all streaming platforms. 

Spotify – Kill the Messenger - Album by Slow Chemical


Slow Chemical Think About It Hip Hop Music Rap Comic book Ryan White Kill the Messenger
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With the Cannabis Industry´s undeniable potential still far from fulfilled Ieva Buko is demonstrated to be a protagonist in the scene opening The Green Boutique. The Green Boutique is a luxury cannabis ¨members only¨ boutique in Barcelona, but it´s far from what you have experienced before, if you are in to cannabis.

The Green Boutique, located in a prime location within the center of Barcelona, is an avantgarde concept store where cannabis meets music, fashion, art and entertainment to create an experience for its members that they will always remember.

Interior design reflects opulence and comfort. It´s a cozy, safe and very social environment where the client can consume cannabis but socialize at the same time; it´s about making connections for a lifetime. Client oriented trained staff delivers the highest quality service, and obviously the highest quality product, to add to the green experience. The Green Boutique is quality of quantity. Events are key to keep the members informed about trends, music, products, world matters and innovations. It´s a place where members can spike their creativity.


Ieva Buko, with her clientele, breaks the stereotypes of the industry. The persona of the typical cannabis user has changed. In today's cannabis industry the clientele is highly educated, working in top notch jobs. They are simply interested in cannabis because they have discovered the benefits of the plant, nourishing their wellbeing, improving their work ethics, improving their creativity and in general improving the quality of life. There are numerous studies that confirm increased productivity and creativity.

When Ieva opened The Green Boutique back in 2019 she felt that the cannabis world needed something new, something that has not been done before. Studying the industry for many years, she felt that nothing represented the full power of the plant in a creative and connecting setting that represented the modern cannabis consumer. The Green Boutique connects the power of the plant with music, art and entertainment.

Now in 2021 after the challenging pandemic, The Green Boutique became a statement cannabis member boutique in Europe. Ieva is proud but this is only the start of much more to come. The goal is to become an international leading cannabis brand once the legal frame permit arrives, to create a variety of products in ways you won´t expect. Is this the proof that the cannabis industry needs a female touch?




About Ieva Buko

Ieva Buko, originally from Lithuania, lived in London and The Netherlands. Currently she resides in Barcelona, Spain and she is a loving mother and wife. She graduated in International Business Management and Marketing and Commercial Law (UK). This lady in the ´little green dress´ is determined and driven by success.

Today she successfully runs the international praised The Green Boutique.


The Green Boutique








Ieva Buko The Green Boutique Cannabis Europe Barcelona Spain Lounge Business
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E Legendz is proud to present and spotlight rising independent hip hop vocalist, prominent businesswoman and Blazed Up Records signee QUEEN PEEZY!  Queen Peezy is a versatile, well-seasoned performer and a fixture in the Connecticut entertainment scene.  Currently Queen Peezy has a new single and music video titled “Indifferent Timing” available on YouTube directed by TommyFilmz!  Watch the video at the direct YouTube link below!

Queen Peezy - Indifferent Timing (Music Video) #Tommyfilmz - YouTube




Not only is Queen Peezy extremely gifted and creative when it comes to constructing music, but she also transmutes her artistic gifts into her new clothing line titled Nove Lockoure:  The True Playa Pantz.  Take a look at the brand at the direct link below. 

NOVE LOCKOURE (x2playah) • Instagram photos and videos

E Legendz is proud to have Queen Peezy, the future of the music and fashion industry featured on our platform.  

Follow Queen Peezy on IG at the link below



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